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EAGLE is our comprehensive personalized instructional learning system for students. It is essentally having a certified teacher providing targeted instruction and intervention assignments to your student in your home, auto, campsite or wherever you have internet access. The program, which utilizes interactive learning through the Boom Card format, was originally designed for use within classrooms but is now available only through EAGLE. Instruction is at this time is limited to Reading Decoding, Dolch Words and Money Skills Acquisition.
Click on activity  assigned by  your teacher. Log into account. 1 2 3 Play the Deck on your phone, tablet or computer. Easy to use! Christine A. Kovach, Ph.D K-12 Licensed Teacher 28 years of special services  administrative experience  in top-performing ohio districts (Canfield, CHagrin Falls, Revere Schools) focusing on development and implementation of  data driven instruction Foundational Reading Program Dolch Word Series Money Skills  Acquisition  Curriculum
Need to teach/practice money skills?
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