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Our EAGLE Money Skills Acquisition Curriculum is an innovative way to successfully teach money skills. It features a unique instructional method to allow students, including those with disabilities, to quickly master this important life skill. Features realistic drag and drop coins and bills while teaching least coin combinations. Self-grading. Errorless learning. Lessons assigned in a sequential order, starting at the beginning , to build skills from the ground up. Pace of progress with depend on starting level of knowledge and rate of mastery of each level. Upon mastery of all 17 levels, student should be confident at the life and pre-vocational skill of counting money.
Month of Service $30



Our EAGLE Foundational Reading program is an effective online comprehensive program for development of strong reading decoding skills. EAGLE incorporates a structured multisensory Orton-Gillingham based methodology that benefits all learners, including those having dyslexia or other disabilities. A strong foundation in decoding is critical for development of the automaticity required for reading comprehension and higher level critical thinking skills. Includes various custom skill software assigned as needed including: vowel sounds, letter differentiation for beginning, middle and ending sounds, letter swap, and sentence typing.
Initial Assessment and 1st Month of Service $150
Month of Service DO NOT add to cart unless Initial Assessment has been completed. $125
Teach-N-Ties™ are the best product available to teach or re-teach the skills of buttoning, snapping and zipping. This product has been used successfully among parents, caregivers, early childhood educators and by therapists working in both the developmental and rehabilitation settings with children and adults. The ties are washable and feature two breakaway lanyard-style fasteners. They are made in the USA of imported and domestic fabrics. Our ties have been designed specifically to promote success with learning or re-learning the skills of buttoning, snapping and zipping. Their design allows for endless options for leveling each specific task. While the ties are made to be worn; they can be used on the tabletop, incorporated within forward or backward chaining or presented with any level of demonstration or cueing.